About Havelhöhe

Who we are

The hospital Gemeinschaftskrankenhaus Havelhöhe is an acute hospital with an integrative approach and an academic teaching hospital of the Charité, Universitätsmedizin Berlin. From emergency medicine to surgical, internal medicine and oncology departments and centres, from obstetrics to geriatrics, pain and palliative medicine, we cover a broad spectrum of medical care in 14 specialist departments and thus make our contribution to standard care in Berlin.

If you come to us with an acute or chronic illness, we offer you care of the highest medical standard. In other words, you benefit from the entire spectrum of diagnostic and therapeutic options based on guideline-orientated medicine. At the same time, you benefit from the various integrative services of anthroposophic medicine which address the patients' individual circumstances. These services are entirely standard, without co-payments.

What does integrative medicine mean and what are the benefits?

For us, integrative medicine means not only looking at the diseased organ or the disturbed biochemical interactions, but also looking at the whole person in his or her specific living environment. The different life situations, attitudes and needs of our patients have a direct influence on illness and health. They strengthen or weaken, help to activate forces or leave them hidden and unused. Integrative therapies can awaken the healing potential that every person has and effectively support conventional medical treatments. Numerous national and international studies in recent years confirm this. Through a targeted selection and combination of therapies, you benefit most from the entire spectrum of medicine - in the way that best suits your personality and life situation. You can actively contribute to your recovery and make your own way through the disease. Accordingly, we not only provide you with comprehensive information, but also involve you in all medical decisions.

In addition to highly qualified scientifically and technically orientated diagnostics and treatment, our doctors, therapists and nurses draw on a rich fund of complementary therapies: from naturopathic medicines to anthroposophic physical, movement and art therapies to nutritional counselling and nursing applications. At the Havelhöhe Community Hospital we want to pay special attention to a remedy that is sometimes forgotten, especially in the demanding daily clinical routines: talking to each other. The conversation between doctor and patient, the encounters in therapy and care, the attentive listening and the special relationship that this can make possible all have their own healing effect.

Integrative treatment thus means strengthening self-healing powers, activating resources and highlighting perspectives beyond the inpatient stay.

In regular research projects, we test our integrative methods, instruments and therapies for their effectiveness and continuously develop them further. You can find out more about our research here.