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The task of our anaesthesia department is to provide medical care to patients undergoing a surgical intervention or a painful interventional measure. Before the operation, it includes the preparatory discussion with anaesthetic planning (pre-medication), the anaesthetic procedure and the subsequent aftercare in the recovery room. In the case of major and/or potentially particularly painful operations, you will continue to receive pain therapy care from our pain service after the operation.

Our department uses all modern, internationally established methods of general and regional anaesthesia.

Treatment focus

  • General anaesthesia involving the entire body, or
  • Anaesthetising individual parts of the body with the help of local or regional anaesthetics

Range of services

  • General anaesthesia
  • Partial anaesthesia (regional anaesthesia)
  • Techniques close to the spinal cord (spinal and peridural anaesthesia)
  • Fast-onset and long-lasting analgesia (combined spinal and epidural anaesthesia, so-called CSE)

Pain therapy via:

  • PCA pump(patient-controlled analgesia via a computer-controlled pain pump)
  • Spinal catheters, plexus catheters
  • Post-operative intensive therapy
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