First Aid/Emergency Unit

To the contacts

Dear Patient,

This is an emergency admissions unit. Please help us to reduce waiting times so that you too can be looked after quickly if you need it!

Are you unwell and don't know where to go?
Doctor's surgery, statutory insurance emergency centre, emergency admissions unit or maybe a home visit? If you are unsure, then call: 116117

Treatment focus

  • Examination and initial care will be provided by a doctor on duty in the respective specialist department
  • The entire diagnostic and therapeutic spectrum of our hospital (X-ray, CT, MRI, endoscopy, ECG, cardiac catheter laboratory) is available to determine the diagnosis.
  • After the initial treatment, the doctor in charge decides whether further outpatient treatment can be provided by your family doctor or whether you need to be admitted as an inpatient.

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Nicole Linke Tina Richter

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Nicole Linke, Tina Richter
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