Anthroposophic medicine


Never in life is a person so in need of protection as when they are physically or mentally ill. We will not leave you feeling alone during this difficult time. We accompany and support you and develop the best possible therapy for you with your input.

In anthroposophic medicine, body, soul and the individual personality of the human being form a single unity. All of these aspects influence each other reciprocally. Every person is unique, and therefore every treatment must be tailored to the needs of that person.

This is why we expand the specialist medical view of the diseased organ to include efforts to understand the symptoms, problems and suffering of the individual affected in a holistic way. Our patients become the focus of a therapeutic relationship built on recognition and respect: it is about their subjective physical, mental and spiritual well-being. The goal of our medicine and care is to sustainably improve and promote this.


In our hospital, nursing makes its own special contribution to therapy. Calmness, patience and empathy are important basics for us to convey a feeling of security during the stay in hospital.

Our nurses care for the patient throughout the day and accompany them on their journey through illness and recovery. They comfort the patient, stand by them, advise and encourage them. To engage with the unique individuality of the person requires a willingness to encounter and listen.

Our nurses provide assistance with everything that the patient can no longer do themselves - and always promote their independence.


Taking time, individual attention, building trust, giving the mental state as much space as the physical one - these are the basics of how we understand nursing.

What sets anthroposophic nursing apart from other nursing concepts are the independent applications. With rubs, wraps and compresses, aromatic oils and baths, we accompany medical treatments to enhance their effect and increase the well-being of our patients. Selected natural substances have an effect on the nervous and sensory systems, the rhythmic organs of the heart and lungs and the metabolic organs.


A disease affects a person in his or her entire being. If the disease is severe or life-threatening, even more so. Finding ways out of the disease or learning to live with it in the best possible way also means, above all, finding and creating new ways for their own being. For living.

Anthroposophic art therapies promote creative interaction with oneself and the environment. They help to find a new inner balance. For some, it may seem unusual at first glance to make music, paint or create sculptures in hospital - but after initial reluctance, our patients experience time and again how liberating creative forces can be and how they can support the healing stimulus here.