Mission statement of the Havelhöhe Community Hospital


(1) The common goal of all employees working in the hospital is to help the sick and suffering fellow human beings. All work should serve this task. All common efforts necessary for this are guided by the idea of the free, developing and self-determining personality.

(2) Our pledge is to support the individuality of the patients in their spiritual, mental and physical dimensions and in their interrelationships.

(3) Let the guiding principle serve medical, therapeutic and nursing action: support the sick person in their quest to

  • realise their individual possibilities,
  • strengthen the healing powers inherent in them,
  • come to terms with their diseased mind and body, and
  • achieve new opportunities for self-realisation with their fate and surroundings.

1. We are guided by the following basic needs of patients

(1) Patients' trust in the competence and character of the people caring for them and in the high quality of the services offered is our most important obligation. We meet this obligation by continuing to develop professionally and personally.

(2) Our attention is focused on the desire of each patient to be accepted with his or her personal thinking, feeling and will. Patients are characterised by different cultural, religious, social and political values, which we want to recognise and take into account in our actions.

(3) Many people perceive illness as a threat and experience feelings of anxiety when they are admitted to hospital. We therefore strive to be understanding and helpful in enabling patients to cope with their anxiety, and to provide them with information about their illnesses and the treatment options available to enable them to make judgements.

(4) In our diagnosis and therapy, we take into account the biographical situation, the psychological needs of the patients and the individual's striving for constant development.

2. We are guided in our actions by the following ideas, values and principles

(1) At the Havelhöhe Community Hospital, the three dimensions of mind, soul and body are taken into account in a balanced way in diagnostics and therapy. The medicine is offered according to the most modern scientific aspects and furthermore in the sense of the art of healing extended by anthroposophy.

(2) The therapeutic team's comprehensive understanding of the disease makes it possible to support patients on their developmental path in coming to terms with their disease.

(3) The sick person is included as a responsible and co-responsible partner in the diagnosis, therapy and care process. That is why we encourage the conscious participation of patients - both in understanding their illness and in the healing process. Healing from illness leads to experiences and can give the person insights and a new level of consciousness.

(4) Communicating comprehensive health awareness is part of our daily work with patients, as well as with external partners in our social and economic environment.

(5) The Havelhöhe Community Hospital strives for close cooperation and networking with other facilities for inpatient, outpatient and complementary patient care. This goal is also served by specific cooperation on health, local political and social committees.

3. We shape our cooperation according to the following principles

(1) The ideas, principles and values which guide our work and which are geared towards the anthroposophically supported art of healing are to be continuously cultivated and further developed in critical reflection with each other. Only in this way can we ensure that these ideas are not empty words but inspirational ideals. We can therefore bring the quality of our work, which we have promised to our patients, to bear in our daily activities.

(2) Professional training and personal development are the most important prerequisites for the high quality of service we guarantee our patients. That is why our employees are comprehensively encouraged and supported.

(3) The recognition of patients as responsible partners requires that the employees of the Havelhöhe Community Hospital develop and maintain forms of work in which they themselves cooperate as responsible partners. In return, they should be enabled to actively and responsibly participate in shaping the therapeutic community by being involved in internal consultation and decision-making processes.

(4) In order to continuously and jointly improve our services, open forms of working are cultivated in which the expertise of the individual professional groups is mutually recognised and taken into account at all times, regardless of hierarchical position.

(5) The Havelhöhe Community Hospital consciously sees itself as a part of society open to discussion. The resulting social involvement creates the framework for necessary, contemporary developments in the hospital and makes it possible to influence social processes. The Havelhöhe Community Hospital seeks dialogue and cooperation with political, religious and social groups. Overall, we see it as an important obligation to play a pioneering role in the development of new, people-centric structures in the health care system.