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In life-threatening situations, it is important to closely monitor and stabilise a patient's health. To this end, we use all the modern procedures of intensive care medicine in our department.

The treatment is supplemented by various therapies such as physiotherapy and music therapy.

It is particularly important for us to support patients and their relatives and help them cope with their fears in the face of a serious illness.

Treatment focus

  • Heart attack and other circulatory disorders
  • Diseases of the respiratory tract and lungs (e.g. COPD, pneumonia)/ventilation medicine (invasive and non-invasive)
  • Kidney and liver substitution procedures (dialysis)
  • Blood poisoning (sepsis) and other serious infections
  • Long-term weaning following ventilation

Range of services

  • Treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular system (e.g. heart attack)
  • of respiratory and pulmonary diseases (e.g. infective exacerbations of COPD, pneumonia)
  • of kidney diseases
  • of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and the liver
  • All ventilation procedures (invasive/non-invasive)
  • Emergency bronchoscopy
  • All renal substitution procedures
  • Treatment of sepsis (blood poisoning)
Nicole Linke

Your contact for Intensive Care

Intensive Care Ward 1, Main Building

Intermediate Care/Recovery Ward 2, Main Building

Nicole Linke
Office Assistant

Regular consulting hours are not offered. However, patients' relatives can make an appointment with the doctors at any time via the secretary or directly via the wards.

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