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Every pregnancy and every birth is unique. With state-of-the-art medical facilities, we accompany and support expectant families in a secure atmosphere on their individual path.

Our aim is for you to experience the uniqueness of this birth. In the course of birth, mother and child will find a common rhythm, which we would like to support. To this end, we offer the space and setting to allow you to make decisions together in peace during the birth. That is why we placed a lot of emphasis on an enveloping atmosphere in the room design. The environment radiates security and tranquillity, the technical equipment recedes into the background. We have also thought about the needs of the child. It is to be born into a world that has a relation to what has been perceived so far. It is welcomed by the parents in a quiet, light-dimmed atmosphere, which continues in the maternity rooms.

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  • Accompaniment of natural birth
  • External turning for breech presentation of the baby
  • Vaginal birth of the baby from breech presentation
  • Vaginal birth of twins
  • Breastfeeding counselling, certified as a baby-friendly maternity clinic by WHO and UNICEF


  • Antenatal classes and talks to support and boost your self-confidence in your own strengths, as well as classes on living with your newborn baby
  • Personal advance discussion with the midwife and doctor
  • Specialised medical ultrasound: 3D/4D, vascular Doppler, amniotic fluid, growth assessment, placental condition
  • Particularly pleasantly designed delivery rooms
  • Giving birth in a variety of freely selectable positions
  • Giving birth in water (birthing pool)
  • Gentle pain therapy, pain therapy through medication and PDA
  • Natural support for bonding
  • Paediatricians on call and close cooperation with the neonatology department at the DRK Children's Hospital on Spandauer Damm in case treatment of your newborn is necessary
  • In-house "Babylotse"


Dear mothers, dear fathers,

welcome to the mother and child unit at the Havelhöhe Community Hospital. We look forward to supporting you after the birth in such a way that you get to know and understand each other well as a family and you can recover from the exertion of the birth. So that your first acquaintance with your child is not disturbed, your newborn stays with you all the time, if possible, from the very first moment (brochure "Giving birth in safe surroundings"). As a result, your child is much more relaxed and can adapt and get used to its new living environment much better through the intimate contact with you.

We want to give this first acquaintance a soothing, quiet and protected setting in which you can concentrate entirely on yourself and your new family. As a result, our rooms have neither a TV nor a radio.

If you wish, and if the capacity of the unit allows it, we can arrange a family room for you for an additional charge, so that your partner or companion can also stay overnight. In a separate breastfeeding room there is an additional retreat for you and your baby. Our team consists of paediatric nurses and nurse practitioners, lactation consultants, midwives and doctors specialising in gynaecology/obstetrics and paediatrics. The entire team is trained in the theory and practice of breastfeeding in order to be able to advise and support you in the best possible way from the very first moment. The community hospital has been a certified "baby-friendly maternity hospital" since April 2005.

Bonding, development and breastfeeding are the central themes that we are very keen to promote. We follow the guidelines of the WHO and UNICEF in this. You can find extensive information on this and on the subject of breastfeeding, handling newborn babies and the unit's procedures in our brochure "Giving birth in safe surroundings" and in the flyer "Breastfeeding – ten steps to successful breastfeeding". You will receive a copy during your stay with us. You can reach us around the clock from Monday to Sunday on +49 (0)30/36501-1420, where you can also make an appointment for a personal breastfeeding consultation. And here we have put together a few useful addresses for you:





www.elternsein.info (National Centre for Early Help)



Building 11

Nannette Schüler, Tanja Vieck

Important information

Pregnant women from the 24rd week of pregnancy (23+0+more) can register here in our online calendar.

Please note that your registration consultation with the midwives will take place 6 weeks before your due date. Corresponding dates will be suggested to you by our program.

Women with twins are requested to contact us directly using the contact details above. Unfortunately, women with insulin-dependent gestational diabetes or with multiple pregnancies cannot give birth at our facility.

If there are still problems with the online registration at the beginning, please be understanding and patient!

Women who have decided to give birth in a birthing centre or at home and need Havelhöhe as a "back-up" hospital do not need to register. Please print out the questionnaire and bring it filled out with you. Your midwife will contact us beforehand.

If you have an appointment for a registration consultation, please go to the Obstetrics outpatient clinic in building 12 (ground floor, right side of the corridor).

If you have questions about the risks of coronavirus for pregnant women and babies, we recommend the website of the Professional Association of Gynaecologists.

You can find our virtual information evening for expectant parents here.

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