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Endometriosis is a benign and mostly hormone-dependent disease that can lead to severe life impairments. It is a special disease that should be treated with a high level of interdisciplinary and inter-professional expertise, all of which is available at our hospital. In addition to a detailed history and special physical examination, we offer recommendations for medical or also high-quality surgical therapy. Organ-preserving, minimally invasive surgical techniques are at the forefront of the treatment concept. Drug therapy can be carried out with hormones, but also with approaches from complementary medicine. There are also therapy approaches involving mindfulness and behavioural therapy (relaxation, etc.), body-orientated (physiotherapy, nutrition, etc.) or physical (heat, cold, etc.) therapy approaches.

Endometriosis is still not diagnosed for far too long, despite the clear presence of symptoms. Years pass with pain and social restrictions, hormonal therapy attempts and strains, e.g. in relationships and sexuality. During this time, those affected try to help themselves through a variety of measures until they reach an informed centre that suggests or even initiates further helpful steps.

By analysing your situation followed by sound advice based on experience, international guidelines, professional society recommendations, studies and publications, we can offer you the best possible diagnostic procedures and treatment.

Conventional medicine is always at the forefront of our considerations. Within the framework of our integrative medical approach, however, complementary medical procedures may also used. Modern medicine is not only visible through the use of current technology, but also through the use of differentiated, minimally invasive and tissue-conserving surgical procedures.

Integrative medicine aims to strengthen the body's self-healing powers. Therefore, a comprehensive and individual treatment concept is worked out with each patient. This takes into account not only the body, but their entire personality. The orthodox medical concept is supplemented by naturopathic procedures with the use of naturopathic medicines and anthroposophic therapies: music and art therapies, anthroposophic movement therapy (eurythmy therapy), rhythmic massage and physiotherapy, psycho-oncological support and nutritional counselling. Special nursing applications such as rubs, wraps and compresses can be used as a supportive measure before and after operations (e.g. calming, relaxation).



  • Comprehensive and holistic questioning (history-taking)
  • Specialised physical examination with consideration of symptoms
  • High-resolution ultrasound (3D/4D) of the internal genitalia and other sites of symptom manifestation (e.g. abdominal wall, scars, navel)
  • Pelvic floor ultrasound (3D/4D): introitus and pelvic floor sonography
  • CT / MRI of the pelvis and abdomen
  • Cystoscopy
  • Rectal and colonoscopy
  • Endosonography of the rectum to assess possible involvement of the intestinal wall
  • Laparoscopy to confirm the diagnosis and surgical treatment of endometriosis



  • Minimally invasive surgical technique (laparoscopy, keyhole surgery)
  • Tissue and organ-sparing surgery with targeted removal of affected tissue
  • If necessary, interdisciplinary cooperation with abdominal surgery and urology
  • Uterus and tissue-friendly bipolar preparation technique
  • Pain or neural therapy using local and conduction anaesthesia with a pudendal block
  • Advice on maintenance therapy with hormones and non-hormonal methods
  • Psychological counselling and support
  • Integrative therapies to strengthen the self-healing powers: naturopathic-anthroposophic medication, rhythmic massage, physiotherapy, eurythmy therapy, painting and music therapy, nutritional counselling
  • Social-medical counselling and support (e.g. application for follow-up treatment
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