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The Diabetic Medicine Department in Havelhöhe is recognised by the German Diabetes Society (DDG) as an "Inpatient Treatment Facility for Patients with Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes". The Diabetic Medicine Department is situated within the Gastroenterology Ward (Ward 9). This is located in Building 14. Most of the rooms are single or double rooms, and a training room completes the area. Thanks to years of experience in the medical care of diabetics and an experienced team of advisers and nurses, this unit is in the best position to treat metabolic situations that are difficult to control, as well as severe insulin resistance.  

Anthroposophic medicine also plays an important role in the treatment of diabetes mellitus as an integrative therapeutic approach. In type 2 diabetes mellitus, optimising the diet (e.g. with a Mediterranean diet) and increasing exercise are the most important therapeutic agents with which those affected can actively contribute to improving their disease. This is true even if drug therapy is required.  

In all forms of diabetes mellitus, the aim is to achieve good blood glucose control. In cases of insulin dependency, especially in type 1 diabetes mellitus, this goal is nowadays predominantly achieved by flexible insulin administration, which is geared towards the individual needs of the person affected in everyday life. To achieve this, those affected need basic knowledge about the disease and its treatment. Education means more than imparting knowledge. Consequently, we want to empower you to draw the right conclusions from the knowledge you gain and to be able to consciously shape your own life with diabetes.  

Elisabeth Wiesmann is a trained diabetes adviser (DDG) who is also trained as a coach and learning coach (KCM). This puts her in an excellent position to support you in reorientating and change processes.

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Ward 9, Building 14

Birgit Wenzel, Sandra Schütz

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