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Once the diagnosis has been confirmed, a team of experienced doctors and surgeons, together with radiotherapists and other specialists (multi-disciplinary tumour conference), will work out the best therapy approach for you in accordance with the guidelines of the specialist societies. This determines which of the three classic methods of modern cancer therapy - surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy - are necessary, how they can best work together and whether other specialists should be involved in the treatment. This ensures that you receive a therapy that is specifically geared to your disease and your needs and is in line with the latest scientific findings. Accompanying this, we offer you a wide range of integrative therapies and naturopathic medicines to strengthen your self-healing powers and improve your quality of life. Our psycho-oncological counselling service can also help to develop new approaches for the time after the inpatient stay.

High patient satisfaction

In the patient survey for the Tagesspiegel 2016 hospital guide, the Bowel Cancer Centre ranked first with 88% patient satisfaction.

In a survey of doctors by the Tagesspiegel, our cooperation partner, the gastroenterology service at the MVZ Havelhöhe, was recommended most often by Berlin-based general practitioners and doctors for a colonoscopy for bowel cancer screening, at 10.8%!

Treatment focus

  • Colon cancer (colon carcinoma)
  • Rectal cancer (rectal carcinoma)
  • Other oncological surgery (pancreatic, stomach, liver cancer, metastasis surgery)

Range of services

  • All procedures of modern bowel surgery including minimally invasive surgery and fast-track surgery (special concept for faster recovery)
  • Metastasis surgery/liver surgery
  • Local ablative metastasis therapy (radio frequency ablation, RFA)
  • Palliative surgery for advanced tumours
  • Artificial bowel outlet (stoma)
  • Local resective procedures (dissections)
  • Colonoscopy and rectoscopy with sedation and on request also without sedation
  • Endosonography (endoscopic ultrasound)
  • Capsule endoscopy (recording of the small intestine by swallowing a tiny video camera built into a capsule)
  • Balloon enteroscopy (endoscopic procedure for the removal of small intestinal polyps, among other things)
  • Manometry (procedure for determining pressure in the intestine)
  • X-rays
  • Computer tomography (CT)
  • MRI
  • Integrative therapies: Nutritional counselling, physiotherapy, movement therapy, eurythmy therapy, rhythmic massage
  • Art-based therapies: music, painting therapy, modelling and sculpting
  • Psycho-oncological counselling service
  • Naturopathic medicines, mistletoe therapy
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