Our pledge is to understand and encourage the individuality of our patients in spiritual, mental and physical dimensions. We take a multi-dimensional approach to cancer, where we preserve and extend the patient's resources, strengthen their vital forces and also include their social environment in our treatment. It is important to us to act as a reliable point of contact and advice for not just our patients, but also their relatives and loved ones.

A detailed history and regular care visits will help us to understand the patient's individual care needs and allow us to adapt the care we offer in consultation with the patient and their relatives as best as possible to the situation. On our wards, our specialist cancer nurses are supported and assisted by trained care staff.

Our patients receive care-related advice from us that is tailored to their specific condition. We tell them about possible symptoms and side-effects of treatments and offer recommendations on how to alleviate these. If required, we also bring in other specialists. The close cooperation between nurses, doctors, psycho-oncologists and therapists is an important aspect of our integrative treatment concept.


External applications, such as wraps and rubs that are coordinated with the patient and their condition can help to alleviate symptoms and promote relaxation. They can also have a stimulating effect, however, and mobilise internal forces, depending on which oils, ointments or essences are used.