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The acute geriatric department of the hospital Gemeinschaftskrankenhaus Havelhöhe is aimed at patients who are over 70 years old and suffering from several conditions at the same time.

These people often need particularly intensive therapeutic care, especially after acute events such as acute infections, falls or operations.

For these patients, the acute geriatrics team at the hospital Gemeinschaftskrankenhaus Havelhöhe has developed a special therapy programme that strengthens and promotes existing resources in a variety of ways. In addition to established geriatrics procedures, it also includes the various therapeutic opportunities afforded by anthroposophic medicine.

It is important to us to restore the independence and mobility of our patients to such an extent that they can return to their familiar or desired environment and lead a life with as high a quality of life as possible.

Our ward dog Willi has been volunteering for us since August 2018. He supports our team in mobilising and motivating our patients in his own special way.

Treatment focus

  • Early rehabilitation after serious illnesses and surgical procedures
  • Strengthening and promoting existing resources
  • Treatment of complex and life-threatening conditions
  • Interdisciplinary cooperation with other departments
  • Loss of mobility, coping with everyday life, communication and mental/emotional capacity
  • Stroke (with paralysis, speech, swallowing, orientation disorders or loss of independence)
  • Parkinson's disease
  • Diabetes mellitus Type 1 and Type 2
  • Gait disorders/frequent falls
  • Dizziness
  • Brain disorders
  • Acute illness with confusion
  • Depression/drive disorder
  • Nutritional disorders
  • Chronic pain
  • Treatment of chronic wounds
  • Nerve palsy
  • Diseases of the skeleton and musculoskeletal system
  • Post-surgery/bone fracture
  • Slow recovery after severe illness

Range of services

  • Interdisciplinary medical care
  • Occupational therapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Psychotherapy
  • Speech therapy
  • Test for dementia-related changes
  • Geriatric assessments
  • Anthroposophic therapy methods: art therapies (painting, music, modelling and sculpting), therapeutic eurythmy, rhythmic massages, therapeutic rubs, wraps, compresses
  • Nutritional counselling
  • Social counselling
Mirjana Stachowski

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Ward 16, Building 23


Mirjana Stachowski
Geriatric Community Nurse

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Claudia Timm
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